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Explore the station’s lake and wetlands where over 125 bird species have been observed, including Chiming Wedgebills, White-winged Fairy-wrens, Black-eared Cuckoos and various honeyeaters. Binoculars are provided for spotting wildlife around the station, including kangaroos, emus and goannas.

Take a self-guided tour through our historic shearing shed, and inspect wool bales, shears, the classing table and other items from a pastoral history of over 135 years.

Visit the World Heritage stromatolite boardwalk on Hamelin Pool Marine Reserve, a 5-minute drive across the station. Learn about these complex living organisms, which are over 2000 years old, unchanged for over 3.5 billion years. Enjoy the 1.2 km coastal walk to the historic Shell Quarry and the Old Telegraph Station.

Make the most of our library, which contains excellent books about the Shark Bay World Heritage area, geology, wildlife, Indigenous culture and pastoral history.

After good winter rains a stunning wildflower show ensues through June, July and August. The area is a photographer’s dream, rich in wildlife, historic buildings and relics, wildflowers, the iconic red soil and stone, lake and ocean scenery and magnificent sunrises and sunsets.

At night, sit around either of our two fire pits and share a few yarns or marvel at the clearest night skies you’re ever likely to see.

Half Day Trips

An easy 70 km half-day trip can take in half a dozen of the main features of Shark Bay. Visit the spectacular Eagle Bluff lookout and boardwalk, where sharks, rays, dolphins and turtles are regularly seen, and occasionally a Dugong appears. Fowlers Camp, Whale Bone Beach, Shell Beach and Nanga Bay are all great places for fishing, swimming, exploring and relaxing.

Day Trips

If you’d like to visit the most westerly point of the Australian mainland, take a popular day trip to Steep Point and Edel Land National Park, as well as Francois Peron National Park and Monkey Mia, seeing some of the wildest scenery and experiencing the abundant wildlife and marine creatures.

VEHICLE STORAGE - Leave your caravan, camper-trailer, boat or car with us at a rate of $15/day for those who wish to make extended trips into Steep Point and Francois Peron National Park. Feel free to call us to discuss.

Contact Shark Bay Aviation for scenic flights over the World Heritage Shark Bay area, or visit Ocean Park Aquarium. Enjoy an Aristocat Nature Cruise and you may spot dolphins, turtles, sharks or whales. A range of brilliant Indigenous tours are offered by Wula Guda Nyinda Adventures and Shark Bay Coastal Tours. You can easily spend three or four days based at Hamelin Station and see the best of the Shark Bay World Heritage area.

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Half Day / Day Trips

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